Tissue matrix options in Breast Reconstruction

RTI Surgical is a market leading company that supplies animal-derived biologic implants for many indications.
All RTI matrices undergo the proprietary Tutoplast® process that preserves and sterilizes the tissue maintaining all biomechanical features unchanged. More than 3 million Tutoplast® biologic implants have been successfully used worldwide in more than 40 years.

RTI Surgical tissue matrix options include two products specifically thought for Breast Reconstruction: Tutomesh® and Fortiva® 1mm.

Tutomesh® 0,5 mm Perforated

Tutomesh® 0,5mm Perforated is a tissue matrix derived from thin, yet strong, bovine pericardium, essential for creating an optimal post operative cosmetic result in reconstructive surgery.

Tutomesh® is a perforated tissue matrix. This offers an option for improved fluid movement (such as seroma) away from the implant. This can allow a reduction in the number of drains used during reconstruction surgery techniques.

The nature of the thin tissue combined with the collagen structure allows very rapid conversion to vascularized host tissue. Host integration is seen throughout the matrix in less than three months. An optimal time for integration or second procedures when a DTI technique is not used.

Fortiva® 1mm Perforated tissue matrix

Fortiva® 1mm is a next generation tissue matrix derived from porcine dermis. The thickest in the RTI range for when the patient requires a thicker barrier between the implant and the surrounding tissues. Ideal for patients where you require incredible implant strength that is long lasting.

Processed through a delicate proprietary system (Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilization Process) that preserves tissue integrity, combined with a special finishing process that delivers more consistent thickness. More consistent thickness means less patient to patient variance and less in-patient variance for bilateral procedures.

From packet to patient, Fortiva Tissue Matrix is ready to use right from the pack. Fortiva Tissue Matrix is stored in pharma grade saline, eliminating the need to rinse away harsh chemicals, polysorbate 20 or phosphate buffers.