Patient eye protection system

Dupaco Inc is a Californian Medical Device Manufacturer located in San Diego County.

Founded in 1975, Dupaco specializes in patient safety and positioning devices.

Opti-Gard® Patient Eye Guards are designed to protect the eyes from trauma and inadvertent contact.


  • Maintains the tear film, and facilitates normal corneal humidification
  • Prevents drying of the ocular surfaces in the absence of spontaneous blinking of the eyelids
  • Protects the patient’s eyes under anesthesia from contact with blood, fluids and foreign bodies
  • Reduces the risk of corneal abrasions, lacerations and bleeding of the sclera
  • Thanks to the highly transparent shells, it facilitates the control of the patient’s pupils
  • The foam support offers excellent conformability to the patient’s face and comfort
  • Two sizes available: D28200CE small size

    D28300CE standard size