PELNAC® Dermal Substitute

A wide range of solutions for tissue regeneration

Pelnac® is a dermal regenerating matrix, consisting in an atelocollagen sponge layer, extracted by porcine tendon, and a silicone film. Pelnac® is used to replace and regenerate dermal layers, and it is indicated for full thickness burns, traumtic skin defects’ wounds, post cancer skin defects, nevus removal and donor sites. The results of Pelnac®’s applications turn into a reduction of scar retraction ,better aesthetic results and the reduction of scar hypertrophy. Pelnac® has a wide range of sizes which offers an ideal adjustment to any wound. PELNAC® portfolio is very wide and consists of: Single Layer, Double Layer with a silicone
film, Fortified Double Layer with a stronger silicone film and Fenestrated and Fortified Double Layer with the same silicone as the fortified type but meshed.

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