Dynamic-hybrid thoracolumbar stabilization Systems

Dynamic lumbar stabilization System HPS

HPS consists of a modular and versatile stabilization system that manages to combine an effective fusion of segments treated with a dynamic stabilization. The pedicle screws axis can be connected together by special rods, which, thanks to an accurate internal mechanism, allow the level treated a flexion-extension and lateral bending mobility within physiological limits; this guarantees an absorption of axial compression loads that would otherwise burdensome for the disc and facet joints. The HPS system thus enables the surgeon to realize dynamic or hybrid stabilization purposes where stabilizations can alternate bar Dynamics rigid bars.

HPS 2.0 Dynamic Lumbar fixation System

Surgalign offers a thoraco-lumbar stabilization system which allow to make rigid or dynamic or hybrid stabilization with percutaneous approach or open approch.
HPS 2.0 screws are polyaxial, fenestrated and cannulated with different tulip for normal, reduction or percutaneous approches. The screw have quad lead thread for maximum stabilization in the upper part, dual lead thread with pitch 5 mm for faster insertion in the central part and tip conical with quad lead thread for an easy starting point. Sterile packaging available