Discolux® Euthermic Discolysis with Ho:YAG Laser

Discolux® is an innovative technique of disc decompression that uses a laser beam generated by a Holmium YAG source (Ho:YAG). It emits energy into a limited volume of the nucleus pulposus with a temperature not exceeding 45° C. Currently it is the only device that consists of extracting a portion of the intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus, liquefied at very low temperature, in order to reduce the pressure inside the disc, without affecting the vitality of the residual fibroblasts.

This minimal penetration of the laser beam, combined with the low energy required for liquefying the nucleus pulposus, limits the thermal action of the laser treatment to an area of few millimeters around the energy emission spot and it don’t induce disc degeneration and prevent the disc collapse.
The final effect of the treatment results in reduction of intradiscal pressure that corresponds to a lower pressure on the nerve structures and algogenic annulus fibers.

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