Biofix© – Spacers

The Biofix© cement spacers are temporary hip, knee and shoulder implants that allow the treatment of infected prostheses using the two-stage surgical option.
The spacers are manufactured in high resistance PMMA containing Gentamicin, and allow the release of the antibiotic in situ during the treatment of the infection.
The hip and shoulder spacers have a metal core inside which allows a relative load on the joint.


• Efficient release of the antibiotic “in situ” with a high local concentration.
• Maintaining the joint space by avoiding soft tissue retraction, thus facilitating subsequent revision
• Preservation of joint function with better quality of life between the two surgical times
• Maintenance of muscle function.
• The metal core of the hip and shoulder spacers allows for a certain level of load.
• Release of the antibiotic.
• Knee spacers allow the collateral ligaments to be preserved and avoid adhesions and malfunctions of the patellar tendon.
• The shoulder spacers allow the transient reinsertion of the rotator cuff, thus avoiding its retraction.
• Trial Implants: All spacer ranges have trial implants fabricated in stainless steel to evaluate size and allow for
trial reduction.

Hip Spacers

• Two models: Charnley and Muller, they adapt perfectly to the different types of femur.
• CCD angle 133°.
• The system includes XL spacers for cases of infection in revision prostheses.

Knee Spacers

• Left and right femurs facilitate femoral anatomic fit.
• The tibial plateau is fixed to the bone with a minimal amount of cement.

Shoulder Spacers

The Shoulder Spacer is available in two head sizes and one length.
It fits perfectly in the humeral canal.