“Accademia Romana di Chirurgia Congresso del Ventennale” Rome, 11-12 November 2021

10/11/2021 Events

The congress of the Accademia Romana di Chirurgia to be held on 11-12 November 2021 in Rome at the Confindustria Auditorium della Tecnica will be an opportunity to celebrate the 20 years of life of ARC, 30 years of surgery minimally invasive in Rome and 20 years of liver transplant activity of the POIT (INMI “L. Spallanzani” – A.O. San Camillo-Forlanini).

In these two days the three Roman Hospitals S. Camillo-Spallanzani, S. Eugenio and S. Giovanni will kick off a path of discussion and deepening of the issues related to the treatment of the different compartments of the abdomen with an eye towards the innovation of surgical techniques and medical devices.

Biomedica Italia will make its contribution by participating as a sponsor and by contributing to the works of the congress

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